Sara Ferrario
Matron of Honor aka Duchess

Sara - aka Fleaferson Ferrario - is Rachael's honorary roomie for life. Sara & Rachael met freshman year at UT, quickly became frick & frack bffs, and were roommates for nine years! A quick snapshot of their 14 years of friendship: Texas-Union study dates, reality-TV binges, late-night snackies, Th/F/S nights out on Sixth Street, lazy pool days, backpacking Euro-trips, and cross-country visits (with many more to come). 

Julie Sondecker
Maid of Honor aka Baroness
Rachael & Julie - aka Hulie Bean - went to UT together, but they didn't build their Timon-&-Pumba relationship until after they interned together at Whole Foods. Julie is Rachael's equal in their love of hiking, costumes, dressing as boys for Halloween, and talking about every detail of their lives together on two hour+ phone calls. 
Travis, Rachael, Julie and her fiancé Clayton, are board-game and travel buds. They've fed elephants in Thailand (& fought off thieving monkeys), skied in New Mexico (& discovered Julie hates skiing), eaten their way through Italy, and played countless board games that have tested the strength of their friendship. 
Travis & Rachael look forward to spending lots of time in their new home of Chicago and celebrating Julie & Clayton's wedding in 2025!
Kelcey Bacon
Bridesmaid & Officiant
Kelcey & Rachael most definitely did not start off as competitive frenemies. But they did realize how much they loved each other as seniors in college, and luckily - Kelcey thought Travis was a match for Rachael right off the bat. She nudged Rachael to see that Travis wasn't taking her on multiple dates just to be polite. Kelcey & Rachael have thrown amazing annual parties (4th of July Pub Crawls & Christmas Liquor Exchanges), traveled to Paris, Lisbon and Versailles, and tried to talk over each other for years. Rachael and Travis are honored to have her officiate their ceremony.
Leah Spector

Rachael & Leah, aka Schleah, have been beffs since Leah's birthday pool party in the sixth grade. From middle school newspaper buddies, to family jet ski times, to Garland High School yearbook editors (and a little bit of cheerleading), to studying public relations together at the University of Texas \m/ - Rachael & Leah have been by each other's side for over 20 years!

Jordan Feldman
Rachael has known Jordan, aka Jordy, since the fifth grade - when Rachael was the new, weird kid at Kimberlin. Jordan's house was like a second home for Rachael, and Jordan's mom, Donna, a friend and confidante. Rachael and Jordan have skied in New Mexico, toured around Europe at 18, and even celebrated Jordan & Lindsey's honeymoon in Portugal with Rachael and Travis in 2022.
Karissa Reiter

Karissa is Travis' only sister and a future sister-in-law to Rachael - although she's felt like family for years. Rachael got to know Karissa at the same time she was getting to know Travis in 2014. From Austin to New Orleans to Cabo to Yosemite - Rachael can rely on Karissa for an adventurous good time.

Mike Valliere
Best Man

The Lindsay/Muenster rivalry was no match for Mike and Travis starting a lifelong friendship during high school. After moving to Austin to attend The University of Texas, they lived together for nine years, during which time it was rare to find them separated. They share a passion for hosting elaborately themed parties for which they built a reputation - most famously their Pirate Party and Fourth of July parties.

Rameez Anwar

Rameez is one of Travis’s oldest friends, finding an instant friendship when Travis moved to Lindsay in the 5th grade. They lived in lock-step through all of grade school as CX Debate partners, teammates in multiple UIL academic teams, and bandmates in our high school garage band, Running on Empty.

Austin Reiter

Austin is Travis’s younger brother by 4.5 years. Austin and his wife Mackenzie gave Travis his first three uncle badges with their adorable kids Scarlett, Sawyer, and Olivia. Travis admires Austin’s ability to bring smiles and laughs to any room he’s in, his deep involvement in the community, and that he always finds time to Facetime Travis and Rachael with the kids.

Chisam Reiter

Chisam is Travis’s younger brother by 8 years. Chisam and his wife Mackenzie gave Travis his fourth uncle badge with their cutie-pie son August, with another son on the way, due weeks before the wedding. Travis admires Chisam’s positive attitude, curiosity, and his professional success - and is particularly thankful for his help and guidance when Travis and Rachael purchased their business in 2021.

Jared Sperling

Jared is Rachael’s younger brother by 5 years. Jared has always felt like a brother to Travis and he’s excited to make it official. Not just brothers, Travis and Jared bonded quickly over shared interests in gaming (both board games and video games) and pretty much anything related to nerd culture.

Clayton Halaska

Clayton is the fiancé of our Maid of Honor, Julie Sondecker, and is the only friend with a board game passion and collection that rivals Travis’. They’re only slightly competitive when it comes to gaming - all the games and scores are meticulously tracked, so they can stir up old grievances before playing any game. Clayton is always cracking jokes and Travis is thankful to have formed a close friendship through Julie and Rachael.